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Gator Beat Productions

Welcome to the Gator Beat Productions website!

For 25 years Gator Beat has been a groovin’ Zydeco band based in Sonoma County, California. As of Jan. 1, 2014 the band will go by their new name, The Gator Nation. The change marks a transition in ownershhip and management as  Carolyn Domingue AKA Ma Gator, widow of founder Richie Domingue, retires from the band. Willard Blackwell, the band leader,  heads the Gator Nation Band with great music,  awesome musicians. The Beat Goes on! It does not only go on, it evolves! Introducing Richie’s son Lucas, his papa’s accordion in hand, wailing on songs his dad wrote, plus new and old blues, zydeco and more.   T-Luke & The Tight Suits has attracted both past GB members Louie Rodriguez on drums and Nazar Eljumaily on (oh yea!) rhythm guitar, and brilliant new talent Tony Schena on bass and Alex Garcia, a total WOW on sax. A website is coming, in the meantime it’s facebook: T-LUKE AND THE TIGHT SUITS
Enjoy your time here, and don’t forget to check the Quicktime video below. If you don’t have Quicktime, you can see it on you tube. Fun stuff.

Note: If you have trouble viewing the video player controls (Windows IE only), press F5 on your computer to refresh the page.